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D. Rafael Lorente Molina, ingeniero especializado en tratamientos térmicos, comenzó en el año 1956 la construcción de maquinaria para la industria alimentaria entre las que destacó la construcción de la incubadora de 120.000 huevos para industrias pecuarias. Rafael Lorente Molina, an engineer specializing in heat treatment, in 1956 began construction of machinery for the food industry among which highlighted the construction of 120,000 eggs incubator livestock industries.

Later in 1960 in an effort and fighting spirit, he moved to South America, where he built several machines, biscuit ovens, furnaces noria for confectionary and other food industrial machinery installed in Argentina, Brazil and Urugay.

In 1970 he returned to Spain, where he began projecting machines primarily as driers for bananas, installed in Ecuador, drying of roots for pharmaceutical use, installed in Guatemala, tunnel oven cooking of custard process for the company "Clesa" and collaborating with other manufacturers in machine design as the company "Subal".

Subsequently, the company "Commercial Quemoil Southeast" for the design and manufacture of confectionery and bakery ovens. Comercializándose con el nombre "ZEKU". Marketed under the name "Zeku".

Perseverance Rafael Lorente engineer in research and development, has unleashed on existing furnaces and dryers for the processing of food products, with national and international renown.

In 1990, took over the management of the company Jose Antonio Lorente, ovens marketed under the name "FRUSECO"

Today it continues to develop new systems and improved furnaces, dryers and various machines alimentacción, relying on large and rapid technological advances, as well as the experience and knowledge passed.


We are a team, dynamic and creative, constantly evolving, whose daily actions executed with a high calling of service to customers in our vision of a world-class company based on the following principles.



    Maintain a transparent and collaborative relationship with the client. A real commitment to each of our projects as an expression of discipline, order, respect, honesty, enthusiasm and excitement..


    We love our profession, we enjoy working with each and every project we propose from the excitement and challenge ourselves to improve ourselves as part of our daily challenge for continuous improvement.


    In all our manufactured products are present our knowledge, experience and research coupled with the latest advances in technology. These products are created especially to the ovens are equipped with the latest advances, allowing our customers to offer a toast to high standards in their roasting process.


    In practice an error free work and commitment to the institution loyal and faithful compliance to quality standards. "ISO-9000" - "CE" MARKING - "MARKING GOST"


    All our products have the best of all warranties, because they are made ​​from the beginning to consciousness, characterized by its durability over time.


    To ensure the smooth operation of our products, they are subjected, factory, rigorous testing, before being supplied to our clients.


    Our mission does not end with the installation of a machine.Debemos mantenerla y actualizarla, para conseguir de ella su máxima rentabilidad, en todo momento. We must maintain and update it, to get the maximum performance from it at all times. Por ello ponemos a disposición de nuestros clientes un amplio y ágil servicio post-venta, tanto en nuestra fábrica como en la suya. Therefore we offer our customers a broad and flexible after-sales service, both in our factory as his.




    D. Rafael Lorente Molina, ingeniero especializado en tratamientos térmicos Rafael Lorente Molina, an engineer specializing in thermal treatments

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    We are a team, dynamic and creative, constantly evolving, whose daily actions executed with a high calling of service to Customers

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